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Transmuting the Victimhood of The Divine Feminine

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Transmuting the Victimhood of The Divine Feminine

Transmuting the Victimhood of The Divine Feminine

God spoke to me the night Robin Williams died — a lucid dream.

Since I was young, I have had experiences and dreams, that one might say, have been catalysts for my spiritual awakening. Countless numbers of journals sit packed in boxes, filled with recollections of dreams and experiences. Recently, I have been guided, actually pushed, to begin sharing in hopes of possibly benefiting others.

Just to give you a little background about myself, I am a mother, registered nurse, Reiki Master, empath and intuitive. Professionally, I am a school nurse, and own and run a small wellness center. I provide reiki treatments for patients in a hospital, many who are going through treatment for cancer. Reiki changed my life. Through reiki, I found my life purpose.

Everything is made up of energy, the difference is the frequency. Reiki is a healing method; rei-meaning universal and ki- meaning energy, which promotes relaxation, restores and rebalances energy, clears blocks in energy on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Universal Life Force Energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the person they are working with; flowing wherever it is needed. One doesn’t guide it. Reiki activates one’s own innate ability to heal. Reiki can be sent to others with intention and does no harm.

In meditation several years ago, I intuitively received the need to add the violet transmuting energy to my healing work. I wasn’t consciously aware of this energy at first, but while researching, I found there were people doing this work; some call it the Violet Flame. As a result, I began a violet flame meditation group. Violet is the highest frequency of light in the rainbow visible spectrum. (Harris & Freudenrich) This high frequency of violet light breaks down negative, blocked, lower vibrational energy and transmutes it back into positive, healthy vibrant energy. With intention, The Violet Flame transmutes on a deep level, the cause, core, effect, action, record, and memory of old thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions stuck in our cells in the body. If this blocked energy is not released and transmuted, it can lead to disease and illness in the body. Working with the violet transmuting light has many benefits, such as, raising consciousness of not only the individual soul, but also, with intention the collective consciousness for the highest good of all. I have found this to be true for me; others need to decide for themselves.

With the climate of discord in the world, I’ve been drawn not to start at the beginning. Instead, I begin in August 2014, the 11th to be exact, the night Robin Williams took his own life and the world mourned a person that brought millions much light, laughter and love.

I find myself in a large hotel room dressed in different tones of gold somewhere on the eighth or ninth floor of a highrise type hotel. I’m standing across from a woman, a maid, that works here. I notice her filling small containers with trail mix for friends and family attending a funeral service. I had just found out that a woman killed herself that night; she was a friend. I offered to help fill the containers, which she gladly accepted. As we were standing across the table from each other, a tall man walked past the open door. I knew somehow it was her boss. He saw me filling the containers and I saw rage rise to his face. He stormed into the room and started screaming at her. I looked at her, standing there, helpless to stop it. He was upset that I was helping her, thinking she had asked me. I felt my heart lurch in empathy, and told him to stop yelling at her. After all, I was the one who offered to help.

My vision shifted.

I am now sitting in the front passenger seat of a car, and my partner, God,** is driving. Intuitively, I knew it was Him. I couldn’t see Him, but I feel a masculine presence next to me. I felt such love and comfort. I lay my head on his shoulder while he is driving. and say, “When I die, I would like a Mass with music, definitely ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘On Eagle’s Wings’.” I then notice we were driving up a dirt road. He shows me the road in my mind: it is the middle curvy line of a Yin/Yang symbol. We were at the base, driving upwards.

As we continue our ride, I look to the left through the driver’s side window there is an open field. I look to the right out my window and see women and children being persecuted. It is awful; so much pain and agony. In the center of the field, a woman crucified, nailed to a cross. Her eyes hollow in fear and shock. Her head, bald from being torched. Others pillaged and tormented. The horror and complete devastation. A field covered in layers of murky water consumed and embedded in agony and emotion. Now I feel sharp pains under my fingernails, as if pins and needles are being inserted. Oh my God. I know deep down that even though I was in the car with him, I was also out there too, a victim. Then I see a girl running with her hair on fire. Half of her long red hair is on fire, the other half of her head is already bald. This girl, appeared to be only ten. My broken heart. I roll down my window as fast as I can, yelling at the top of my lungs, “ Put your head in the water, put your head in the water!” Screaming, “Why are women still being persecuted?” That was when God spoke to me… He said so clearly, “What you’re doing is transmuting the victimhood of the Divine Feminine!”

I then find myself buying a suit with plans to join one of my friends, a healer also, at a restaurant.

I woke up.

Later that morning, I learned Robin Williams had taken his own life. I couldn’t believe it; like in my dream, but a woman. I do believe that Robin Williams was in touch with his divine feminine. A person with so much sadness and pain. A being who made millions of other people laugh and feel better. I felt a hole in my heart; deep sadness for such a loss. I hoped and prayed to God he goes straight to heaven.

Many thoughts and questions surfaced after this experience. Why the night Robin Williams died? Was Robin helping us, even in his death, to show the devastating effects pain, depression, addiction, and abuse has on each of us? How deeply embedded these emotions, beliefs, experiences can lie within causing known and unknown havoc on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Did Robin sacrifice himself for the grander purpose of helping society to see something drastically needs to be done to help millions still suffering from such issues? I don’t pretend to know any answers and am not in anyone else’s shoes. That being said, how can I judge either way? Being human is difficult! It’s work in progress every day, at least for me. Are there other alternatives? Other ways of healing that are working or may have been effective centuries ago which are being brought forth? Our world needs to truly recognize the importance of integrative approaches to healing. Not just the “bandage approach,” treating a symptom with a pill, never truly getting to the cause and core of what’s happening for true healing to take place.

And why the Yin Yang symbol? A symbol of the perfect balance of both masculine and feminine, both interdependent, complementary opposites.(Cooper) However, on this night, I was shown a vision of complete imbalance and one-sided heaviness. Mother Earth began as divine feminine. Was it stripped away? Have we been living thousands of years with an ego-driven, power hungry, materialistic, fear-based, suppressive mentality? A world where war is pushed on society as the only answer? We are coming around full circle, back to divine feminine where peace, compassion, respect, reverence for all life, and calm resolution can exist, aren’t we? Is all of this chaos in the world and in our own lives coming to the surface to be cleared and transmuted? Didn’t we think we healed the issues between black vs. white? What about how we treated our Native American ancestors? Our homeless crisis? Equality amongst gender? What about substance abuse; and rights for LGBT individuals? We could go on forever. If we look in the news, we obviously have not.

It wasn’t until June 2016, while meditating, that I made a connection to our political dismay. It was Trump. He was the man, screaming at the maid in the hotel room. What role is he playing in all of this? Who does he represent? What is he showing us? And Hilary, what is she showing us? We ultimately are shifting back to Divine Feminine, however we have a long journey ahead of us. It’s a transition, an evolution, the balance of both divine feminine and divine masculine. Whether we consciously know it or not, we, each and every being on this earth plane is divine; the perfect balance of divine masculine and feminine. It may lie very deep in some, but that light still exists within everyone’s heart flame. When we begin to shift our awareness to a higher level, we begin to see it. It’s difficult to comprehend when horrible things have and are still happening if there is a God? Unfortunately, it’s the result of what WE created here on earth through separation of Source. It all comes down to love and it’s polar opposite, fear. We have always had free will. Just like being a parent of a young adult, we can only say or do so much, it’s then up to your child for the rest. We are now coming back full circle to the way it began, heaven on earth. This is completely my belief, others need to decide for themselves.

My other question, “Is this the ultimate validation I have unconsciously being asking for? The proof that The Violet Flame does what I thought to transmute our history, beliefs, experiences, held deep in our cells?” I truly believe this is one of the most important tools in healing, freeing us in order to align even more with our higher selves to co-create. Working in combination with reiki, meditation, and other healing methods that are making a difference. Knowing we no longer have to be victims of and in our lives. We can co-create better lives for ourselves and others, eventually raising our consciousness to a place of just being One with life.

To be continued…….

** I believe Father/Mother God,The Divine, is both Masculine and Feminine. In this experience he/she felt masculine to me. Violet represents the perfect balance of blue for divine masculine and pink for divine feminine thus Violet.

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