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The following testimonials are from clients, patients and students of Nancy’s. Each person describes in their own way how their Reiki session or class has helped them. Although many clients have described positive healing experiences, we do not make any claims or diagnose and it’s important to consult your physician regarding any medical or psychological concerns.


"I received Reiki treatments alongside my chemo treatments at Dana Farber from Nancy Conroy....she is truly gifted. I had a breast removed plus 12 lymph nodes on my left side. The circulation in my left arm was bad(had to wear a compression sleeve all the time). I was told i would always have this problem. My passion in massage. I am a massage therapist. They said i probably wouldn't be able to that anymore. I went to Nancy as usual.. During this particular reiki session i "saw" a man dressed in a robe tied with a rope. He put his hand right through my chest on the left side! It was terrifying! I jumped up with tears i cried "who was that?!?!" Nancy asked me what i saw...after describing...she said witb tears wait...she then went to her purse and retrieved a card with "Padre Pio " pictured in a robe.she said was it Him? YES. Unbeknownst to me the previous day to my Reiki session she went to see his heart (canonized) in Boston, Ma. She had laid hands and asked for guidance...I have not worn a compression sleeve since that day and i am back to giving massages."

D.G. August 2019

"My name is deb and I am a breast cancer survivor. I met Nancy at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in August of 2015. I was introduced to Reiki by a fellow patient that I had met at the hospital. The night of my first reiki session I was very open and excited. I now call this my Miracle night. As I lay on the table with soothing music playing in the background and a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp in the corner I began to feel a calming beautiful energy that emanated from Nancy's gifted hands entering my whole body. I can't explain it but a healing energy. As I said, what happened next was a true miracle. Such peace and love I felt. As I looked to my right there standing next to the table was the silhouette of a bearded monk wearing a brown robe with wooden large rosary beads hung from his waist attached to a large cross. So much peace and love reflected in his beautiful eyes. Angel eyes. Padre Pio I later learned. Healed at that time yes I was. I have continued my sessions with Nancy to this day. I know he is with me for I still see him and smell the undeniable fragrance of roses and perfume at our sessions. Nancy does too. I was healed that night by Nancy conroy with the intervention of padre pio. I believe with all my heart and my whole being. She is a beautiful soul who has surrounded me with my many amazing angels too.Padre pio is with me on this lifelong journey thanks to Nancy and her amazing gifts. We are all so blessed."

T.M. September 2019

"I met Nancy Conroy at Dana Farber/Brigham and Women's and tried Reiki to help with side effects from radiation therapy. Nancy was great and the Reiki sessions did help the side effects. I also found my stress levels were reduced and enjoyed an overall sense of well being. I continue to have Reiki sessions monthly."

- db, February 2017

"I was first introduced to Nancy during radiation treatments at Dana Farber/Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center in Milford. At the time I had absolutely no idea what Reiki was, but after several sessions, I would best describe it as relaxation for the soul. My sessions have reconnected me to an inner peace that has spilled over to every facet of my life. I am thankful to the professional community for recognizing Reiki’s value in my healing process, and grateful to Nancy for sharing her gift. I consider Nancy one of the many blessings to have come from that diagnosis nobody ever wants to hear."

- Colleen A. June 2016

"Nancy Conroy is the embodiment of the power of Divine Light. She exudes a generous Spirit and a sincere dedication to healing in all forms. After attending Nancy's Usui Reiki I &II classes, I have been able to take control of my own health while also healing others through Reiki and mindfulness methods. Nancy effectively incorporates sound, music, meditation and messages to enhance well-being. I am amazed by how quickly she can shift my energy. I am grateful to receive the benefits of her talents. Nancy's gifts are limitless."

- B. September 2016

"I was very lucky to find Nancy over 2 years ago and could immediately tell her healing powers after 1 session. She is a natural, truly caring and deeply compassionate healer. Her healing powers help me through all life challenges and I immediately felt the difference within my energy. You can actually feel the energy move through you. Her treatments put me into a very deep relaxing state and I emerge out of them calmer, more relieved and centered. I'm grateful for Nancy and the light she sending me continuously."

- Greta G. July 2016

"I began Reiki therapy with Nancy toward the end of my radiation treatment for cancer and, though I am now cancer-free, I continue to see her regularly. The energy work that Nancy does through Reiki has become an essential component to maintaining (or sometimes re-gaining) my spiritual and emotional well-being."

- Linda K. June 2012

"Nancy Conroy' s Reiki therapy was offered to me by South Shore Oncology when I started my radiation treatment for breast cancer. By the time radiation treatments began my body and mind were feeling both thankful for and quite exhausted by chemotherapy and two surgeries. I see myself as open-minded, yet I was still curious how I would benefit from Reiki with Nancy. I had no idea that her work would become such a positive and lasting influence on my well-being. Nancy's Reiki therapy has been healing in more ways than I could have imagined. I feel Nancy's background as a nurse and her years of work with special needs children is a reflection of her nurturing personality. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Nancy's capabilities make it apparent why medical professionals have begun to promote integrative therapies like Reiki to help their cancer patients heal."