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IAM Wellbeing

Center for healing the mind, body and soul


A healing method that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing on all levels.

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Integrative Wellness
Integrative Wellness

Supporting medical facilities, hospitals and more for patients going through cancer treatment.

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Relaxation Therapy
Relaxation Therapy

methods and techniques which help one to relax, release stress and anxiety and instill a state of calmness.

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Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing

Regulate the energy flow from Universal Source through the energy system of the body.

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“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”
~Shakti Gawain

IAM Wellbeing

A (W)holistic Approach.

Welcome to IAM Wellbeing, a center providing integrative healing services; a (w)holistic approach in healing and overall well-being.  Through our services, we assist individuals in accessing the subtle healing energies deep within, promoting healing and optimal health.  Our main philosophy is the importance of each individual consciously taking part of their healing process, which increases their own natural ability to heal; ultimately healing from the inside out.

Healing Sessions, Classes and Meditations.

At IAM Wellbeing, we offer individual healing sessions, classes and meditations. In addition, we provide wellness services to medical facilities, specializing in therapeutic services for patients going through treatment for cancer.

These therapeutic wellness services may consist of reiki, chi gong, and relaxation therapy, which may include breath work, passive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, affirmative process, and sound healing.  Focusing on awareness, each of these practices can help promote a deep sense of peace and calm.

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New IAM Wellbeing Guided Meditations, now available on Vimeo Demand!

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Find Your Inner Peace

By focusing on awareness, each of our practices can help promote a deep sense of peace and calm, helping you heal from the inside out.

Go within
Go Within

Access subtle healing energies

Promote Healing
Promote Healing

Consciously take part

Promote Health
Promote Health

Find your own natural abilities

Find Peace

Heal from the inside out