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( pronounced Chi Gong)

Chi Gung (Gong) which literally means energy work is the practice of learning to control the movement of the life force internally, using only the mind to direct energy in the body. Physical movement may be used but is not required. B.K. Frantzis

QiGong is a series of exercises designed to increase, cultivate and move energy throughout the body.  While the often used term is Chi Gong was coined in this century, there is evidence that the understanding of energy practices have been practiced for over 4000 years.

QiGong Therapy is based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yin and yang ( balance), chi ( energy ) and meridians (pathways). Chi is linked with respiration, circulation, the nervous system and other physiological functions.  Similar to reiki, qigong therapy can be performed on or off the body.  Sensing or “feeling” an energetic pattern, the practitioner works with the client to balance energies in the body by removing blockages (stagnant energy) or leveling off energy if it is excess or has been depleted.


IAM Wellbeing works with a 7 step QiGong form that is appropriate for everyone, as well as a wellness protocol combining their various tools into an integrative practice.

QiGong may be performed in a group setting or with clients individually.