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Sedona, Arizona



Certifications, Meditations & Workshops


(manual included)

In this one day certification class you will you will learn what reiki is and experience it, the history of reiki, lineage, principles, 21 day cleanse, hand positions for self treatments and giving a reiki treatment, 7 major chakras, grounding exercises and receive an attunement.

Prerequisite: desire to learn about reiki

Cost: 150.00


(manual included, if not returning student)

In this two day certification class you will learn three reiki symbols and how to use them, how to send distance reiki healing, scanning, beaming, and advanced healing techniques, and receive attunement.

Completion and understanding of Reiki I, at least 3 months in between Reiki I and Reiki II

Cost: 300.00


In this two day certification class including follow up sessions with teacher, you will learn instructions on how to teach all three levels of reiki, give a reiki attunement for Reiki I and Reiki II, and Reiki III Master/Teacher levels, receive attunement.

Prerequisite: Completion and understanding of Reiki I and Reiki II Levels. Discussion/interview with teacher

Cost: 600.00


Learn basic meditation techniques for healing. Helpful for relieving pain, healing of illness or dis-ease and for overall well-being.  A portion of this class will be informative and the other will be practicing through meditation.

Meditations to be announced

1 hour

15.00 pp


Take time out and join us in clearing and rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit. We working the violet transmuting light for healing ourselves, loved ones, and for world healing.

No experience required

1 hour

10.00 pp


Learn how to work and align with The Universal Flow of Energy for transforming your everyday life.

In this workshop you will learn techniques for grounding, tapping into and aligning with higher frequencies of energy for healing, and co-creating.

This workshop will help you identify and release outworn beliefs and patterns and transmute negative energy, thus healing relationships with self and others. Learn ways of working with Universal Laws, such as Law of Attraction, to create what you truly desire in your life.

2 hours

25.00 pp


Join us in circle, for a guided, sound healing meditation journeying to your center. The journey inward will be a time of honoring the past, releasing, and reflection. As you journey to your center, quieting the mind, you will be connecting to that all knowing part of you, gaining clarity, insight, guidance and peace. Then on the journey back, opening to a new, and experiencing rejuvenation and acceptance.

There will be time provided for journaling and sharing.

2 hours

30.00 pp