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( pronounced ray-key)

A healing method that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In a reiki session, the practitioner positions their hands in 12-15 different positions directly on or slightly above the client. Often times, hands are passed over the client allowing the practitioner to detect blockages or imbalances.  Reiki helps to restore and rebalance the body’s natural rhythmic flow of energy, in addition to prompting the client’s own innate ability to heal.

Reiki sessions can include relaxation techniques, such as breathwork, passive muscle relaxation, sound, and guided imagery. Each of these practices helps promote a deep sense of peace and calmness. Techniques may be combined and will be tailored to meet the specific needs and requests of the client.

Potential benefits of Reiki:

Creates a deep sense of relaxation; relieves stress and tension from the body and mind; helps to relieve pain; assists in accelerating one’s own innate ability to heal; decreases insomnia; cleanses toxins from the body; boosts the immune system; improves energy flow; raises the body’s vibrational frequency; reduces blood pressure, nausea, neuropathy, hot flashes; relieves headaches; removes blocks in energy flow promoting the body into balance and harmony; increases energy and decreases fatigue; promotes emotional clearing while increasing clarity and overall sense of wellbeing; promotes spiritual growth.


Individual Reiki Sessions:

1 hr – $100.00
1/2 hr – $50.00

What to expect during a session:

Clients remain fully clothed and may rest on a treatment table or sit comfortably in a supportive chair. Comfort being the primary goal for our clients, we provide a relaxing setting with music and dimmed lights. We recommend that a client avoid eating an hour before or after session. This allows the body time to adjust to the treatment and encourages a free flow of energy throughout the body.