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Integrative Wellness Services

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Integrative Wellness Services

IAM Wellbeing specializes in providing integrative wellness services for patients going through cancer treatment.  We support medical facilities, hospitals, the workplace, and home care. Our services consist of reiki, relaxation therapy, which may include breathwork, passive muscle relaxation, guided visualization and imagery, meditation, affirmative process, and sound healing.  Focusing on awareness, each of these practices can promote a deep sense of relaxation, and peace. We also offer services for staff and caregivers, services which assist in relieving stress while promoting relaxation; aware of the toll stress can have on a caregiver.

Potential benefits of Integrative Wellness Services:

Assisting in strengthening immune function; reduces stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation, peace and centeredness; effective pain management ( chronic, acute); assists in increasing energy flow in the body; lowers blood pressure; alleviates or lessens effects of nausea, fatigue, depression and neuropathy.

Integrative Wellness Services

Fee set upon need and services.