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Transmuting the Victimhood of The Divine Feminine

Transmuting the Victimhood of The Divine Feminine

God spoke to me the night Robin Williams died — a lucid dream. Since I was young, I have had experiences and dreams, that one might say, have been catalysts for my spiritual awakening. Countless numbers of journals sit packed in boxes, filled with recollections of dreams and experiences. Recently, I have been guided, actually pushed, to begin sharing in hopes of possibly benefiting others. Just to give you a little background about myself, I am a mother, registered nurse, Reiki Master, empath and intuitive. Professionally, I am a school nurse, and own and run a small wellness center. I provide reiki treatments for patients in a hospital, many who are going through treatment for cancer. Reiki changed my life. Through reiki, I found my life purpose. Everything is made up...